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When Shanae Andrews looks back on her childhood, what she often remembers is the poignant lessons taught by her mom – the lesson she shares the most is “Be somebody. Whatever you do in life, always be the best person you can be and always remember to put God first.”


Shanae grew up in the Hamilton Square development and attended Public School No. 2 – both located in the Historic District of Paterson, New Jersey – an area replete with century-old, still functioning brick mills reminiscent of a bygone era, which provided the backdrop for Shanae’s formative years.  It was during this time that she found a passion and joy for music, taking every opportunity to perform for her family during special occasions or singing along to her favorite tunes on her way home from school.


Drawing inspiration from her musical family, she was ever-present around Gospel, R&B, and Soul. Between her aunt's current touring group (Retta Young & Company) and her uncle's illustrious recording career as a member of  Ray, Goodman & Brown, she watched, listened, and honed her skills through hard work to fully embrace the family business, but with a style all her own. In her words: “when mom and dad would rehearse their music routines, my brothers and I would watch; they gave me the springboard I needed to openly fall in love with music and performing.”  

Fast forward to today, this burgeoning recording artist’s ability to tell a story using her voice through song creates a setting you can vividly see in your mind's eye. Shanae understands that music can resonate with people in a profound way, which is why she uses her talents to extol and inspire 'positive relationships'. "If I can make you stop, reflect, and feel good about loving someone, through my music, then my mission is complete." 


Look for Shanae to make an indelible mark on your heartstrings with her debut single, "When I See You."

"Shanae Andrews' vocals are
like warm spun cotton candy."

- New Girl Magazine

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